During Smoke’s second attempt to circumnavigate the globe barefoot water-skiing, he encountered a vicious storm and washed up unconscious on a remote Mexican beach. Some local donkey herders found him naked, badly sunburned and needing some serious nourishment.  Had it not been for the quick thinking of the village doctor and the first recorded use of medical Burritos, he may not be with us today.  The days grew into weeks and then months as Smoke became stronger, faster and smarter.  He trained daily with his hosts – running through the humid jungles, climbing the tallest temples and wrestling the most fearsome beasts (all fuelled by an endless supply of Burritos).  Mounted on his donkey steed, he visited all the local tourist sites and developed a true love for the land and its colourful array of souvenirs.  Eventually Smoke grew strong enough to jog his way back home and vowed that someday he would honour his saviours and build a fitting monument to their selfless acts. Welcome to that monument. Can we take your order?